Everyday Psychology for Motherhood.

Look after yourself while you’re looking after your baby. Diaries and notebooks especially for new mums.

Mama Notes

The 12-Week Diary For New Mums

  • For the first 12 weeks – the fourth trimester
  • Weekly wellbeing strategies and ideas
  • Feeding, nappies and wellbeing checklists
  • Brief journal prompts to remember the important moments
  • Space to record your birth story
  • Written by a UK Clinical Psychologist
  • Only £15 including P&P

It’s been a lifeline…I’ve used it every single day!

Why Mama Notes?

Expecting your first baby and looking for something to help you feel more organised and less stressed?

Need an easy way to record the precious little moments of those early weeks?

Looking for a gift for a pregnant friend that she will really love (and actually use!)?

£15 including P&P



I truly believe Mama Notes should be recommended to all new and expectant mothers.


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