Mama Notes

Keep track of the essentials and look after your wellbeing in the first twelve weeks of motherhood

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Welcome to Mama Diary

At Mama Diary, we believe in supporting new mums.

Mama Diary aims to support new mums' wellbeing with beautifully designed, mental health-focused notebooks. They are written by a Clinical Psychologist and include accessible, easy-to-follow ideas and activities to help you through the first weeks and months of new motherhood. A percentage of the profit from every sale is donated to charities supporting maternal mental health.

Looking for a thoughtful baby shower gift? Or pregnant and looking for a notebook which covers the essentials for mum and baby? Check out Mama Notes, our twelve-week notebook for new mums.


Looking for a great gift for a new mum?

Take a look at Mama Notes, a wellbeing notebook for the first 12 weeks of motherhood.