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It is so easy for those early baby days to become monotonous; the same routine over and over. Sometimes you just need something to give you a quick pick me up and improve your mood to get you through the next couple of hours of muslins, nappies and various bodily fluids. Here are five quick ways to improve your mood, for new mums, that you can do today:

New mum foot bath to improve your mood
  1. Have a bath…for your feet. When a full bath may not be possible (although, it’s obviously the dream and do it if you can!) get a washing up bowl or plastic box, fill with warm water and bubbles, have your baby safely within reach (!) and soak your feet for 10 minutes. Don’t forget to have a towel to hand!
  2. Dance like no-one’s watching. Yes okay your baby IS watching, but they won’t judge you. Put on one of your old school classics, the one that had you dancing at 2am in your youth (why did we ever not want to be asleep at 2am?!) and dance around your living room. Your baby will love watching you, or might want to dance with you! If you’re worried about a) the neighbours or b) your baby growing up with an unhealthy penchant for nineties gangster rap then you could always use headphones.
  3. Plan some alone time. The mere promise of an hour alone is sometimes enough to get us through the most difficult moments, and can improve mood for new mums perhaps more than anything else. Plan with your partner or a friend how you can get an hour or so on your own to sleep, walk, write (maybe in your copy of Mama Notes…) read… whatever you are craving.
  4. Connect. Video call a friend, or if you’re not a video fan, send them a series of voice notes and ask them to tell you about a fun memory they have of you both together.
  5. Line up some fun. Could you perhaps plan a nice takeaway with your partner or a catch up over coffee with a friend? Could you dust off a board game from the cupboard that you haven’t played since Christmas 2009? Even something really simple and silly like the yes/no game to guess which celebrity your partner is thinking of (pro tip: Robin Hood is always a good one) can be something that gives both of you a break from the cycle of worries that can come along with being a new parent.