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About Mama Diary

Let’s normalise the conversation on mental health in motherhood.

Looking for a thoughtful gift for a new mum, that she can use every day for the first few weeks or months of her baby’s life, and cherish as a keepsake?

Mama Notes is a notebook for the first twelve weeks of motherhood, often referred to as the fourth trimester. There is space to record the essentials such a feeds and nappies, together with a wellbeing focus for mum every week. There are ideas, tips and activities to try, and weekly journal prompts to help you remember and reflect on these early weeks.

The Mama Diary is a journal for the first 12 months. It is packed with credible psychological tips and strategies to support the new mum while they are navigating the often tricky first year of motherhood. It includes contributions from experts on topics such as connecting with your c-section scar, intrusive thoughts, and pelvic floor and mental health, and pieces written by real mums on how they overcame challenges with their mental health in new motherhood. It enables new mums to record memories, keep track of their appointments and to do lists, whilst giving them practical strategies to look after themselves, while they are focused on raising the next generation.

The Mama Diary mental health and wellbeing diary for new mums journal cover
Dr Carla Runchman

Dr Carla Runchman

Clinical Psychologist and Founder of Mama Diary UK

Dr Carla Runchman is a mum of two with over 14 years’ experience working in mental health. After having her first baby, Carla found that there was a lack of accessible, clear, practical information about looking after your mental health in the early days of motherhood.

Based on her personal and professional experience, she set about writing notes in her own diary; psychological strategies and techniques to help tackle the emotional highs and lows of early motherhood.

What started as a set of scribbled notes in her own diary was eventually shared with friends who encouraged her to write them up into a series of notebooks. They are designed to help mums look after themselves, whilst they are busy raising the future.



Please note: All information from Mama Diary UK, including in the books Mama Notes and The Mama Diary, is by way of general information and is not a substitute and not to be relied on for medical, healthcare, pharmaceutical or other professional advice on specific circumstances and in specific locations. If you are feeling low in mood, anxious, or havng distressing thoughts or images, please contact your healthcare provider.


The best new baby present I received.

– Mama Notes review