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Ever get five minutes to yourself and want to use them for exercise but have no idea how to make the most of such little time? We know that physical activity is great for our mood and is so important in taking care of ourselves, but for busy mums, time for ourselves is often the first thing that is sacrificed when we’re under pressure.

Maybe you finally get a few minutes to yourself whilst the kids are otherwise engaged and think you’d love to get your body moving and feel invigorated. But then those other negative thoughts come along that say you don’t have enough time to make a difference…and you end up scrolling through your phone until someone shouts your name…

Here’s where the Mum HIIT Wonder sessions come in! We’ve asked personal trainer Charlotte Bishop to devise a workout that busy mums can do in just five minutes. We’ll be following this over on the Mama Diary Instagram account but here’s a summary of the workout.

Charlotte Bishop PT

Your 5 minute session:

The idea is that you do as many rounds of the following moves as you can in five minutes…

  • 10 squat jumps 
  • 10 skaters
  • 10 thrusters
  • 10 knee lifts – left
  • 10 knee lifts – right
  • 10 press ups

Take 30 seconds rest

Repeat! How many rounds can you complete in five minutes? Remember: your only competition is yourself!

Check out Charlotte’s Instagram page for videos demonstrating all the moves.

Charlotte Bishop PT

Charlotte can offer online coaching and online classes including HIIT, Pump and Bodysculpt – if you’d be interested in hearing more get in touch via Instagram @charlotte_pt360 or email

Disclaimer: You should of course consult your GP before undertaking any programme of exercise, especially postnatally. Take care and be mindful of your body’s needs.