Breathing – Free Worksheet


Breathing: A free worksheet with two simple breathing exercises to try.



Regularly practising relaxation exercises has been shown to help to reduce symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression. This free downloadable pdf worksheet introduces two different exercises to try. They may be helpful to you if you find that you are often tense, stressed or feel low or anxious.

If you’d like to try them, download the worksheet and follow the instructions. Practise each exercise regularly until you find one that works for you. Relaxation is a skill to learn, and just like any skill it takes practice. Finding a quiet five minutes to practise can be a challenge for busy mums, but try perhaps during your baby’s nap time or before you go to bed.

As always, these are general tips to maintain good mental health, and do not constitute medical, individual advice. If you are struggling with any aspect of your mental health, contact your GP.


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