Pregnancy Yoga: Free Home Guide


Pregnancy yoga: A free downloadable guide to practising yoga at home during pregnancy from yoga teacher Amy Davis.



We are delighted to offer for a limited time only this free guide to pregnancy yoga at home. Written by Amy Davis, pregnancy yoga teacher. See Amy’s website for more details.

Amy says: ‘Pregnancy is a very special time with not only physical but huge emotional changes as well. Pregnancy yoga supports women through their pregnancy with a range of techniques that can alleviate common pregnancy related conditions as well as being applicable to labour and birth.

This little sequence of poses should take no longer than 15-20 minutes and is designed as a short class that you can practice anywhere, anytime; maybe when you wake in the morning, or maybe just before bed – remember, pyjamas are basically yoga clothes, so you can just roll out your mat and get practising! Think of this as a little bit of regular maintenance to help keep you mobile, relieve aches and pains and to help to embody the poses used in class so that they become second nature for labour and birth. Having an active pregnancy is a great way to get your baby into the optimum position for birth and will help to speed your recovery post-natally.’


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