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The Mama Diary


The Mama Diary: the 12-month mental health and wellbeing diary for new mums that starts when your baby is born.

  • Written by a clinical psychologist, it is packed with tips, strategies and activities to support new mums’ mental health and wellbeing in the first year of motherhood
  • Space to record key memories of the the early, precious weeks and months
  • Appointments and to do lists
  • Month overview and week-to-view diary pages
  • Snippets from ‘real mums’ with their tips to cope during the tough times
  • Contributions from experts on topics including pelvic floor and mental health, intrusive thoughts, connecting with your c-section scar and finding your personal style as a new mum
  • A bumper section of extras including: your support network template, daily plans, meal planning lists, directory of groups and classes attended, space to write your birth story, useful contacts and resources and more!
  • A5, ringbound hardback cover that will lie flat allowing mums to write in it easily, even when holding the baby.
  • Written by a NHS clinical psychologist and printed in the UK

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The Mama Diary is the perfect gift for new mums, supporting their transition into motherhood. This is not a baby book – it’s a 12-month diary for new mums that starts when the baby is born, with a monthly focus on relevant areas of mental health and wellbeing. Written by a Clinical Psychologist and mum-of-two, it is packed with useful psychological tips and strategies to support new mums while they are navigating the often tricky first year of motherhood.

It includes contributions from experts on topics such as connecting with your c-section scar, intrusive thoughts, pelvic floor and mental health and finding your personal style, and pieces written by real mums with their tips on how they overcame challenges with their mental health in new motherhood.

The Mama Diary supports new mums to feel empowered to acknowledge and feel validated for the challenges that motherhood brings. It provides a reassuring voice with bitesize strategies to help to prevent them feeling low, anxious or fed up, and methods to incorporate practical techniques that will help into their everyday lives.

It enables new mums to record memories, keep track of their appointments and to do lists, whilst giving them practical strategies to look after themselves, while they are focused on raising the next generation.

The Mama Diary is A5 size, has been carefully and beautifully designed and printed in the UK, with sturdy ring binding to allow it to lie flat, as having two hands spare as a new mum is rare! Approximate dimensions 180mm x 220mm x 40mm. Please note images are for illustration purposes only and the product may vary slightly in appearance due to product development.

Mama Notes and The Mama Diary

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