Your Village – Free Worksheet


Your Village: A free worksheet for parents to think about the types of support they have around them.



It takes a village to raise a child’ suggests that new parents need a range of social, emotional and practical support. It’s so true! However, especially in Western societies, we’ve lost the norm of living near our extended families and tend to live in more isolated family units, having moved away to study or work. It’s not uncommon nowadays for a new mum to be living away from her parents, siblings and friends. If you have a partner, the load can be shared, although usually at least one of you will be heading back to work shortly after the birth. It’s helpful to remember that, evolutionarily-speaking, humans are designed to raise our children in large family units, so if you feel like you are struggling without much help this is totally normal. It’s not you, it’s society!

This worksheet helps you to think about the types of support that you have around your family, and may help to highlight areas where you may be in need of a bit more support.


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